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Roof Replacement Warning Signs – 3 Surefire Signs Your Home Needs a New Roof

What do you do when your carpet gets frayed, worn down, and fades away to a dull, abysmal shade from its once glorious, shining beige color?

You get a brand new carpet and display it in all its gorgeous glory!

But how do you know when you need to replace the roof? Or how long does a new roof last anyway? Or what’s a good roof replacement timeline?

If these are questions keeping you up at night, fear not, as this guide lists the most predictable warning signs that tell you to go for a roof replacement — pronto!

Because, let’s face it — your roof catching fire, collapsing, or getting crushed by a tree due to a horrid storm are NOT signs for a roof replacement.

So, save yourself a big headache and an even bigger roofing bill by paying attention to your roof when it starts hinting at you to get it replaced.

Roof Replacement Sign #1 — Curling or Broken or Missing Shingles

Do your shingles look bad? Do they appear wet, curled, stained, or are broken or bent or much darker than before? Or maybe your shingles are completely missing from your roof.

All these signs indicate an immediate roof repair/replacement scenario.

Before calling in your local roofer, do an inspection of your roof yourself. Check out your roof’s external shingles and search for cracks, misshapen shingles, and any of the other signs we mentioned up top.

Do curling shingles have to be replaced? Definitely.

Pro Tip — To know whether you need a roof repair or a complete roof replacement, look for shingle granules in your yard, gutter, and over the roof. The more granules (coarse sand-like material) pile-up you find, the better you’ll understand the deteriorating condition of your roof — as that’s most probably a roof replacement situation.

Roof Replacement Sign #2 — Wind and Storm Damage

The health and condition of your roof can be ascertained by how well it stands up in a storm. If you live in an area that is often hit by high-velocity winds and raging storms, then roof inspection should be a priority every couple of months to ensure the safety, protection, and insulation of your home.

But if that’s not the case, and you’re simply hit by a strong wind or two, every now and then, and that’s curling up your shingles, ripping them off, or making them fly away forever, then you need to inspect your roof ASAP.

Roof Replacement Sign #3 — Your roof is really (really) old.

Ever wondered how long does a roof last? Or what’s the average length of a shingles roof?

Okay, so most roofs come with a 20-year warranty. So, check your home improvement files and see how long ago was your roof reshingled or repaired. If it has been over two decades, then there is a good chance you’re due for a roof replacement.

Find out exactly when you had your roof installed and the materials it is made up of to get as much data as possible before contacting your local roofing company.

And about your query regarding a shingled roof timeline, then know this — an asphalt shingle roof could last from anywhere between 20–25 years — depending upon the weather in that region and the amount of repair and maintenance you do.

Pro Tip — If all your neighbors are going for roof replacements, maybe it’s time for you to get an inspection done as well.

Conclusion — What To Do Next?

So, to re-roof or not to re-roof? And how much does a roof replacement cost?

First off, don’t panic. We admit — it could be overwhelming coming across cracked/discolored shingles, a leaking roof, or mold in the attic (yes, that’s a sign too!).

But instead of giving in to financial stress and panic, call in a roofing contractor for some information. Do your due diligence online and find out to what extent the damage has been done. Maybe all you need is some roof repair.

You won’t know until you get an inspection done by roofing professionals. So, take a deep breath and call ’em up.